Bladefish 7000 DPV Sea Scooter

The Bladefish 7000 DPV Sea Scooter (Bladefish 5000 Turbo) is the fastest, most robust of the Bladefish DPV sea scooters. The Bladefish 7000 is noticeably faster than the other Bladefish models. This Bladefish model also has the longest run time. It will run for a solid 90 minutes on full speed! The power of this DPV is impressive given its light weight and small size. I haven’t found a scooter that compares to the Bladefish 7000 in terms of power to size ratio. That being said, even the best bladefish model cannot compete (in terms of power and reliability) with the higher end, more expensive scooters such as the Tusa Sav 7 Evo , or technical diving scooters.

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The best price we have found for the Bladefish 7000 (Bladefish 5000 turbo) is HERE