Bladefish are known for their compact, lightweight underwater scooters.  They are a recreational line of DPV / sea scooters.  If you have ever seen a scooter that looks like a box fan, it’s likely a Bladefish!  Bladefish models are very economical for recreational and beach dives, but not suitable for technical diving.

Below is a table comparing all Bladefish models.  Click the link in each title to go to the specific page reviewing that model.

Bladefish 1000

Bladefish 2000

Bladefish 3000

Bladefish 5000

Bladefish 5000 Turbo / Bladefish 7000

Bladefish 1000Bladefish 2000Bladefish 3000Bladefish 5000Bladefish 5000 Turbo (Bladefish 7000)
Bladefish 1000 DPV Underwater ScooterBladefish 2000 Underwater Scooter (DPV)Bladefish 5000 Underwater Scooter DPVBladefish 5000 Turbo Underwater Scooter DPV
Top Speed2 mph2.5 mph3 mph3.75 mph4 mph
Power Rating (in watts)120140200240280
Max RPM400450500550640
Depth Rating (feet)60 feet60 feet90 feet120 feet120 feet
Approx. Run Time (on high speed)40 minutes70 minutes40 minutes70 minutes60 minutes